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Country: Ethiopia
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<br /> Sleep by dosist™ is a THC-focused mixture supported by CBD in the ratio of 8: just one THC to CBD, bolstered with crucial terpenes such as nerolidol plus myrcene. Our sleep mixture is definitely designed to target some sort of broad variety of potential sleep at night disruptors whilst providing typically the ability for most end users to fall and keep asleep. Over 200 dosage of sleep by dosist™ come in a preloaded serving pen by dosist™, a new recyclable vaporizing gadget created exclusively for dosist's remedies and featuring exact medication dosage supply (2. 30 magnesium per dose), air movement management, and superior warming technologies. dosist ’s remedies will be 88% cannabinoids plus 12% terpenes —THEY INCLUDE NOT ANY ADDITIVES OR FILLERS.
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